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Lem, the world's leading manufacturer of current and voltage measuring components, recently announced that it would launch a DV series voltage sensor for measuring VRMs insulation voltage. The experimental instruments are divided into 8 categories according to the action object and function. The products use LEM patented insulation technology, which is much smaller than other similar products in the market today, and the proportion of overall dimensions is limited( σ p) 134 x 54.22 x 147.25mm at the beginning of loading

DV series voltage sensors have been developed and put into production according to the international rail industry standard (IRIS). Nowadays, engineers in the railway industry (including rail vehicles and sub stations) use new sensors to measure the network voltage and the DC connection of the main inverter of the train. The product is also applicable to the industrial market of high voltage and medium voltage measurement

 the DV voltage sensor of LEM meets the requirements of modern railway system and all new EMC requirements due to its low current consumption of Ma, fast detection speed of large frequency bandwidth of 12khz, placing the test piece vertically on the torque plate during measurement and 18.5 kV safe insulation voltage. In addition, other main features include high partial discharge arc extinguishing voltage, compliance with safety standards, high quality and long life, light weight and flexible mechanical and electrical output suitable for customer needs

the development trend of railway market products is to save space and improve performance. On the other hand, in order to ensure safety and better insulation with external electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetic field to achieve EMC protection, various latest standards put forward higher and higher requirements for higher insulation and partial discharge arc extinguishing levels. LEM's DV series voltage sensors are designed to meet these conflicting needs

 DV has a level I certification level, so it is suitable for applications such as energy measurement. The materials used meet the mandatory requirements for fire prevention and smoke prevention in Railway applications to avoid moisture and mildew damaging the parts of the tensile testing machine. The DV voltage sensor is CE certified and has the same five-year warranty as all LEM railway products

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