The first step of the most popular Chang'an Auchan

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The first step of Chang'an Auchan, the "big step" of China's automobile industry

in recent years, there are not a few cases of cross-border marketing, but generally speaking, most of them fail to jump out of the inherent "circle", which makes people feel more novel but less explosive. On february7,2018, a pneumatic fixture was brought into space by a SpaceX heavy rocket. When everyone was amazed at the madness of madman musk, on the other side of the ocean, China's private commercial aerospace program was also quietly underway...

on the "significance" of the launch of Chang'an Auchan

at 13:00 on July 25, 2019, Chang'an Auchan lifted off from the satellite launch center in Jiuquan, As China's first private carrier stage rocket, Chang'an Auchan has two main "tasks" as long as we do well. First, as a pioneer in the private aerospace field, the successful launch of Chang'an Auchan marks the shift of the aerospace industry from national orientation to market orientation. The most obvious example is that the "Rocket Launcher" chose an Auchan owner, which is the first time in the history of Chinese rocket development

second, in addition to carrying two satellites, the Chang'an Auchan also has an Auchan X7 (built in equal proportion with core and key materials) flying into space. This is an absolutely "explosive point" in the history of cross-border marketing. After all, in the space environment, the vehicle will face severe tests such as acceleration of up to 60m/s^2, strong vibration, -60 ° C ultra-low temperature and strong radiation. It is undoubtedly the best test environment for the quality of Auchan X7. After all, as one of the military enterprises, Chang'an has been transformed into a civilian vehicle enterprise, but what has not been lost is the military quality. So we can expect that in the future, after the products of Chang'an and Auchan quickly follow up with the corresponding technologies, such as the structural strength is increased by 55% and the quality is reduced by 70%, aerospace technology can be smoothly transferred to the products

equipped with the "blue whale" engine, 2020 Kesai will be launched.

if the aerospace dream still needs time to see results, the new car will undoubtedly be more attractive to consumers. At the Jiuquan launch site, the 2020 model Auchan cosai was officially listed, with a price range of 8 68-136800 yuan, which is lower than the price of the old model. In addition, Kesai also launched a rocket exploration model, which is limited to 1000 units and sells for 145800 yuan

shortly after it was launched in Kesai, the car market gave it a test drive. It is not too much to describe this product as "real seven seats". Even if it benefits from 2800mm, it is easier for adults to ride. In addition, the advantages of Chang'an's consistent "reliable" powertrain have also been unreservedly inherited from Kesai, such as those from Aixin. On the 2020 model, the 1.5T "blue whale" from Chang'an has reached 178ps and 265nm, and its parameters are in the first echelon in Tongli

at the end

exploring the universe has always been the dream and expectation of mankind. In the opinion of the automobile market, this coincides with the goal of the continuous upward development of China's independent brands! When the fire guidance urges all regions and departments to carry out work in a down-to-earth manner, and even human beings fly in space, the Chinese people themselves are also glowing on this land. Auchan is just the first step. The Chinese dream of space has just begun

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