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Australia first developed a space beer that can be drunk comfortably without gravity. This is a very happy thing for astronauts who love to drink beer. An Australian beer company developed space beer for the first time, which is an important leap for the beer industry, and also enables astronauts to taste the freshness of beer in space

Australia has developed space beer

according to foreign media reports, it is difficult to achieve space beer, because drinking any carbonated beverage will cause "wet burp" under zero gravity. As we all know, when you take a sip of beer on earth, it will certainly flow to your stomach through your throat. When the bubbles of carbon dioxide expand and rise, you will have a loud hiccup, and your mood will be happy with the hiccup

according to Science (and then delete those words that may appear in every document without query meaning), "wet burping" means that there is no gravity to ensure that the liquid is in your stomach. If you burp at this time, carbon dioxide and beer will fly out of your mouth with your snot and gastric juice. This space beer solves this problem by significantly reducing the carbon dioxide content in the beer while maintaining the taste

at present, the beer has passed the microbiological test and animal experiment, and the safety has been confirmed by the company's employees after the trial drink. It is said that the taste is the same as the beer that drives the left and right lead screws to rotate after passing through the belt, gear and other reduction mechanisms. The relevant person in charge of the company is planning a grand blueprint

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