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The time for the first share of express to be listed is uncertain. The rapid expansion needs financial support. Private express is in urgent need of funds to accelerate the race to market.

although China Post Express, the "first share of express", successfully held a meeting last year, there is no timetable for the opening of A-share IPO. At present, the time of listing is still unknown, and private express enterprises have accelerated the race to market. Recently, Shanghai Yuantong Express Co., Ltd. confirmed that it is receiving guidance for listing. If it goes well, it can IPO in a shares by the end of 2015. Previously, many enterprises, including deppon logistics and homestead express, said they were actively promoting the listing process. Due to the current IPO environment and problems in the express industry, the market is not optimistic about the short-term IPO of express companies. Some insiders pointed out that at present, the express industry is still in a price war competition, and the profit and performance of express enterprises are under great pressure. The more mature time to go public should be three years later

reasons: rapid expansion needs financial support

some insiders pointed out that in recent years, the express industry has grown rapidly driven by e-commerce. On the one hand, express enterprises need to lay a collection network to expand market share. On the other hand, they also need to increase hardware investment in systems, logistics equipment and other services to improve services. At the same time, they need to expand some upstream and downstream businesses, all of which need a lot of financial support, Obtain stable and long-term financing channels

however, against the background of the fierce price war in the industry, the profits of express companies have been squeezed. Some express companies even broke their capital chain due to radical expansion. For example, CCES, a private express company, was acquired after its capital chain broke last year

last year, when Yuantong was punished by CAAC for cargo safety problems, Yuantong publicly announced that it would prepare to set up an airline, including planning to invest 5.5 billion yuan to build Hangzhou Airport new city. Behind this series of actions, it needs financial support for a long period of time although the equipment has sound anti electric shock measures. 3) Install the pen and paper on the automatic plotter

for some second and third tier express enterprises, due to the gap between their strength and performance and the first tier enterprises, there are still some difficulties in listing in the short term, and some enterprises turn to venture capital PE. Last month, Quanfeng express signed agreements with three PE companies, and the three institutions will invest 200million yuan in Quanfeng. Chenjiahai, President of Quanfeng, said that PE company will not intervene in management, but will provide guidance in terms of financial norms. The company also has plans to go public in the next three to five years

accelerate the transformation from franchising to direct marketing and promote listing

at present, private express enterprises still face many difficulties in listing. Most of the major express companies use franchising, but franchising companies are independent legal persons, and some franchisees can also join other express companies, which has certain risks in service quality and brand. Therefore, in the past two years, Shentong, Yuantong and other companies have been changing their franchises to direct sales

Xuyong, chief consultant of China Express Consulting, believes that "at present, the time for private express enterprises to be listed is not mature" so it still meets the requirements of many automobile utilization aspects, such as automobile internal parts. The more mature time for listing should be three years later. "The competition in the express industry is still in the stage of price competition. If the performance is improved after listing, the price needs to be raised. The relevant laws and regulations of the express industry are lagging behind and unable to adapt to the development of the industry

in contrast, private express SF Express has been "insulated" from listing. A SF insider said that at present, the company can concentrate on some business exploration and expansion. After listing, the company must be responsible to shareholders, pay attention to the performance in the capital market, and the company's strategic plans in all aspects must also be made public to the outside world

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