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Photovoltaic energy storage in the "vertical channel" is the first step

recently, an organization predicted that after 2020, China will add 250 GW of photovoltaic installed capacity each year, which is five times the expected new installed capacity in recent years; By 2025, China's cumulative installed capacity will reach an amazing scale of 1800gw, which is 15 times the current total installed capacity of 120gw in China

compared with the previous growth rate, based on many considerations such as electricity security and financial subsidy gap, the current model can not support the rapid growth of photovoltaic. To completely change the tepid development trend of photovoltaic and release the huge potential and energy of photovoltaic power generation, it is necessary to remove the "seal" of photovoltaic on electricity and financial subsidies, and the construction of energy storage and micro electricity is n=130; It is a "killing move" to uncover the seal

in the future, the growth rate of PV installed capacity will experience a geometric increase

according to the public data of the national energy administration, in the first three quarters of 2017, the new PV installed capacity reached 43gw, a year-on-year increase of 60%, far exceeding the total new installed capacity in 2016, and it is expected that the new PV installed capacity will exceed 50gw; As of September 30, the cumulative installed capacity of PV in China has exceeded 120gw. The goal of the 13th five year plan for solar energy development has been completed three years ahead of schedule, and the industry has entered a new stage of rapid development

however, the installed PV capacity of more than 120gw generated 85.7 billion kwh in the first three quarters, accounting for 1.83% of the total electricity consumption of 4688.8 billion kwh in the whole society! It is far from the commitment made by General Secretary Xi at the Paris climate conference that "non fossil energy will account for 15% of primary energy by 2020 and 20% by 2030", especially under the premise of limited space for clean energy reserves such as water, wind and nuclear energy. Qian Jing, vice president of Jingke energy, has also said in public on many occasions that "the development speed of PV must achieve geometric multiple increase to meet the alternative demand of fossil energy in the future!"

energy storage + micro electricity: the road to the rapid development of PV

recently, the national development and Reform Commission proposed to achieve the same price in 2020 in the opinions on comprehensively deepening the reform of price mechanism and intensive cultivation of copper based materials, and once again put all efforts to improve the development speed of PV industry on the agenda. The 13th five year plan clearly proposes to stop the construction of new thermal power units after 2020, which means that the growth rate of new traditional energy will be comprehensively replaced on the premise of parity. Based on the current annual power consumption of 600billion kWh and an annual increase of 5%, some organizations have concluded that by 2025, China's cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic will reach 1800gw, and in the next eight years, there will be an increment window of 1680gw, with an average annual installed capacity of at least 210gw, more than four times the total estimated installed capacity in 2017

however, the organization only described such a wonderful prospect for us, but forgot to tell us how to achieve this 1800gw "beautiful vision"

entering the "vertical channel" for energy storage is the first step

in order to start the "geometric increment" of PV, the following problems need to be thoroughly solved: 1. Light abandonment and power limitation. According to the data of the national energy administration, despite the efforts of the government and industry enterprises, the consumption of photovoltaic power generation has been greatly improved compared with the previous three quarters, but the light rejection rate in Xinjiang and Gansu still exceeded 20% in the first three quarters. Moreover, the light rejection range has been further relocated and spread to Shandong, Hebei, Yunnan and Shanxi. It can be predicted that with the strong rise of distributed photovoltaic in the country, the light rejection area will be further expanded by 2018; 2、 Subsidy decline and electricity price reduction. Although the legendary document on the reduction of distributed photovoltaic subsidies has not been released yet, the national development and Reform Commission has long stated that "the same price will be achieved in 2020", and the withdrawal of subsidies will be a foregone conclusion. In this process, the economy of photovoltaic power generation will be affected; 3、 Electric shock. Whether it is the large centralized power station in the West or the distributed PV prevalent in the Middle East, PV alone cannot solve this chronic disease. In order to accept the optoelectronics incorporated in the peak period, electricity needs to improve or even change the system operation and protection mechanism to maintain stability, which will inevitably be a burden on electricity

to solve this problem, it is necessary to add energy storage. Facts have proved that the advantages of energy storage are very obvious in all aspects, such as peak shaving and valley leveling, time-sharing scheduling, and improving economy. Take the electricity price of industrial and commercial users in Shanghai as an example: the peak valley electricity price difference in non summer is 0.814 yuan/kwh, and the peak valley electricity price difference in summer is 0.914 yuan/kwh. There is a great difference between applied energy storage and non applied energy storage. Moreover, the addition of energy storage provides a basis for the nearby transaction and consumption of photovoltaic power generation, which not only helps to improve the power curtailment, but also effectively increases the proportion of distributed photovoltaic self use, ensures the economy as much as possible, and promotes the maximum development and utilization of urban roofs. It also has a very positive impact on the large centralized power stations in the West. With the energy storage device, the discarded optoelectronics can be stored to receive higher-level systems. For example, the price of micro electric ribbed steel reached a new high in December of the off-season, which solved the consumption, improved the economy and reduced the risk of the investor

micro electricity is the last trick to completely unseal PV.

simply adding energy storage is only the first step to provide a foundation for various applications of Optoelectronics in the future. In fact, to completely improve the development speed of opening PV, it is necessary to realize the central dispatching of micro electricity

in recent years, with the help of various relevant policies, micro electricity has begun to sprout. There have been some demonstration projects of different scales in various places, ready to test and touch the parameters of rubber parts that affect the working intensity characteristics and better business realization models. Today, micro electricity has changed from the earliest single photovoltaic + energy storage mode to multiple energy complementation, and then through effective energy management and control to improve the stability of electric operation and maximize the economy. Moreover, due to the limited stability and reliability of a single micro electricity, the market has spawned a regional energy management platform and even electricity to control multiple micro electricity with a higher level of authority, and established a bidding mechanism among a variety of energy sources within its jurisdiction, thus improving the stability of the power system and the economy of energy consumption. Photovoltaic is most suitable for the regional allocation of micro electricity due to its own characteristics. Through power trading and energy trading, Completely break the "difficulty of consumption" of photovoltaic power generation, make full use of the areas that had no consumption conditions before, and become the new home of photovoltaic power generation. Especially for the northwest provinces suffering from "light and power curtailment", with the cooperation of micro electricity, it is entirely possible to realize the intra regional and trans regional trade and consumption of electricity, completely eliminate the constraints of light and power curtailment, and return to the peak of "energy town"

the science fiction "three bodies" put forward the idea of dimensionality reduction attack, holding that high-level civilization only needs a "two-way foil" to solve low-level civilization. On the contrary, it may be the best solution to solve photovoltaic and energy storage. The last obstacle to the outbreak of photovoltaic and energy storage can be solved by using the idea of higher-dimensional future energy mutual communication and scheduling, unsealing the seals of photovoltaic and energy storage, and releasing greater capacity and demand of the new energy industry, Maybe it is the fundamental way

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