The first smart street lamp in China lights up HAM

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The country's first smart street lamp lights up HAMA star

the country's first smart street lamp was officially opened at HAMA star in Kaohsiung City on the 1st. Ke Zhiling, chairman of Kaohsiung research and Examination Commission, and local councillors, chiefs and associations witnessed that Kaohsiung's smart city is moving towards a new milestone

street light is an important infrastructure of the city. After integrating intelligent elements, it can become a multi-functional smart street light. In addition to providing traffic, environment, disaster prevention and other information related to people's lives, HAMA star smart street light can also be used as a reference for measures such as vehicle tide relief and air pollution prevention

Ke Zhiling pointed out that the smart city is the focus of the municipal government. With the efforts of the municipal government team, Kaohsiung has gradually transformed into a livable smart city. In order to strengthen the computer control of smart services, these problems can be completely solved through innovation and demonstration. In particular, 49 smart Street lamps were built in hamaxing, upgrading the traditional street lamps into a multi-functional smart infrastructure

Kaohsiung's street lamps did not light up in 1999. The number of notified pieces per batch weighing no more than 60 tons was about 9000, accounting for 13% of the total number of dispatched pieces. The smart street lamps can return the street lamps by themselves. Therefore, the installation position of the reversing switch should be adjusted. The city government can send workers to repair it before the citizens have reported

for testers to choose their own preferred report format (the built-in excel report function of the test program has expanded the pattern of the previous single professional report). Ke Zhiling stressed that Kaohsiung's smart street lights have two first places in the country. The city government has added an Internet of things neighborhood radio in the historical urban area of HAMA star, which can be broadcast. It can be flexibly used in store street office activities or in matters announced by the mayor, In addition, due to the addition of road flooding detection near the harbor

another first is the smart life information for citizens. The information collected by smart street lights is directly available to citizens. The life information is immediately made public and can be seen at a glance on the information board

liujunjie, director of the information center, said that the smart street lamp has nine major application services, which is the most fully functional smart street lamp in Taiwan, including providing whether there is a vacant space in the parking lot, saving the time of searching for parking spaces, providing air quality, road flooding alarm, WiFi hotspot, digital signage, traffic flow, license plate recognition, etc

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