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The first batch of silage harvesters in Zoomlion high-end agricultural equipment manufacturing base came off the production line recently, with several fl3000a silage harvesters coming off the production line in batch, It marks the official completion and production of Zoomlion high-end agricultural equipment manufacturing base in Kaifeng, Henan Province. Zhangyang, vice mayor of Kaifeng, and lijiantao, vice president of Zoomlion attended the base completion and product off-line ceremony

Zoomlion silage harvesters are rolled off the production line in batches in the high-end agricultural equipment manufacturing base

it is understood that this base is the second agricultural equipment manufacturing base established by Zoomlion in Kaifeng, and will mainly undertake the production and manufacturing of Zoomlion's high-end agricultural equipment in the future. All assembly production lines in the base have achieved optimized layout according to high-end intelligent requirements, and comprehensively improved the level of logistics and parts inventory control

in addition, the base also introduces advanced production equipment such as full-automatic assembly production line, high-pressure cleaning machine, assembly manipulator and andon system, which is leading in the industry in terms of intelligence and automation

at present, China's agricultural machinery industry is facing structural adjustment, and the effective supply of medium and high-end agricultural machinery products is insufficient. Under the guidance of the state's strengthened policy support for "high-end equipment replacing oil with suitable viscosity" and "smart agriculture" and other related industries, the market demand for medium and high-end agricultural machinery products continued to improve

on May 8 this year, Premier Li Keqiang proposed during his inspection of Zoomlion Kaifeng industrial park that "agricultural modernization requires high-power tractors" and encouraged Zoomlion to increase innovation in the equipment manufacturing industry and lead manufacturing in China towards the middle and high end

Zoomlion's high-end high-power tractors

according to the analysis of insiders, the completion of Zoomlion's manufacturing base and more high-end intelligent agricultural equipment new products also require the smooth output of the electronic universal experimental machine industry, which will not only lay a solid foundation for Zoomlion to occupy the strategic commanding heights of global high-end agricultural machinery, but also help drive the transformation and upgrading of China's agricultural machinery industry, To provide support and guarantee for the improvement of the national agricultural mechanization level

lijiantao, vice president of Zoomlion, said that Zoomlion would take this opportunity to further promote technological innovation and product upgrading, solidly promote the product 4.0 project, uphold the spirit of extreme craftsmanship, earnestly implement the "made in China 2025" strategy, and strive to build Zoomlion's high-end agricultural equipment manufacturing base into a benchmark for China's agricultural machinery industry

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