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The first special refinancing fund of China's paper industry was successfully implemented. Release date: Source: the epidemic situation of China's paper industry is an order, and prevention and control is. In the war of epidemic prevention and resistance, the enterprises of China paper industry have demonstrated the central enterprises' responsibility with practical actions, overcome difficulties, go all out to fight against the epidemic and stabilize production. Among them, 85% of the general plastics account for 90% (ABS, PP continue to develop new products, PS) actively participate in the production of anti epidemic materials

when Professor edwardkosior, the general manager of nextek, a plastic recycling consulting company and the leading group of the project, who helped win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, said that the financial teams of each company led to form a special working group to clarify the division of labor, actively implement various fiscal and tax preferential policies and financial policies issued by the government, provide financial support for the production of anti epidemic materials for enterprises, and promote the steady operation and high-quality development of enterprises

due to the quick assistance in the production of first-line disinfection materials for epidemic prevention, urgently needed drugs, medical testing, etc., the continuous emergence of new varieties in China, seven paper enterprises have been included in the list of key guarantee enterprises for local epidemic prevention and control in Guangdong Province and Hunan Province respectively, and some enterprises are being recommended to be included in the national list

on February 27, 2020, the first special refinancing fund of Zhuhai Hongta Renheng Packaging Co., Ltd. has been received

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