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Cold water in winter, hot water in summer? sometimes hot and sometimes cold? Stalling halfway? It's really frightening. Is it the problem of water heater or gas? Taking a bath is really a disaster! The ten major brands in the kitchen electrical industry and the upcoming launch of a variety of gas-fired water heater products of Cohen electric, a professional quality manufacturer of kitchen electrical appliances, not only upgraded the constant temperature technology to ensure the constant outlet water temperature in an all-round way, but also perfectly solved a series of problems existing in the use of water heaters, such as potential safety hazards, high noise, difficult product cleaning and so on. Let you "bath" see a better quality of life, bath will never make do with it

research shows that before, no product on the market was developed based on meeting the consumption pain points. This time, Cohen focused on the user pain points. Once again, with a forward-looking view of the industry, he came with a number of new gas water heaters equipped with new technology systems. It is reported that Cohen's new gas water heater, which is about to be launched this time, has innovatively added an intelligent supercharged DC brushless water pump on the basis of retaining the original and practical functions such as super explosion, constant temperature and strong exhaust, anaerobic water tank, anti reverse air device, etc. the brushless motor it carries has longer service life, less noise, no electromagnetic interference, good sealing, and can work for long-term diving. To solve the problems of potential safety hazards, noise and difficult cleaning to the greatest extent, and create a safe, quiet and worry free hot water use experience

Cohen's new gas water heater adopts a unique yudun sealing technology, which has strong sealing performance, and perfectly blocks the particle molecules and water vapor in lampblack, dust and haze, ensuring the directional discharge of waste gas, ensuring the safety of users in all aspects, and avoiding the worry of waste gas leakage. In order to prevent noise from disturbing people, Cohen's new gas water heater optimizes the design of the silencing base plate, cooperates with the level-1 silent combustion technology, and blocks the transmission of noise with the two technical schemes of "root control noise" and "structural noise reduction". The sound of the machine meets the national level-1 acoustic environment standard, which is easy to use and reassuring. In order to solve the stains that are difficult to clean, Cohen's new gas water heater adopts an easy-to-clean coating, which can easily erase the oil stains and stains on the surface. The paint film is dense and tough, and will not be worn after tens of thousands of scrubbing, lasting forever. In addition, Cohen's new gas water heater continues Cohen's technical strength in hot water constant temperature. It is equipped with constant temperature joint control technology and slow fire micro flame technology to form a unique "five in one" constant temperature system to ensure the constant outlet water temperature in an all-round way

in recent years, Cohen has launched a series of leading products and led the industry reform with its high market sensitivity and user demand orientation. This time, a number of gas-fired water heaters will be strongly attacked, which will continue Cohen's core technological advantages, focus on the pain points of users' use scenarios, create a new category in the water heater industry, and also lead a new trend in the industry





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