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On July 1st, 2019, the second batch of management trainees of this year was finally assembled! Mr. Tang Jiong, the general manager, Mr. Liang Guowen, the deputy general manager, the directors of each center and a group of management trainees attended the opening ceremony

they came from all over the world. Although they spoke different accents, they had the same obsession and pursuit for their dreams and the future, so they came to Laoka

group construction gags

who is Picasso: on how a mermaid turns into a rabbit

Title: Mermaid (are you sure this painting is a mermaid???)

beautiful beauty:

the technique is OK, small fire juice

peerless beauty:

this Is this one on the right offending the makeup artist

after a day of expansion, we have learned a lot in the game, felt a sense of collective honor in the competition, enhanced the sense of team belonging in the cooperation, and enhanced the friendship of colleagues in the interaction

from now on, everyone is from Laoka. Laoka is an inclusive and diverse company. Different provinces, languages and majors can live in harmony. I believe that every management student can find a sense of belonging

finally, to borrow what president Tang said at the opening ceremony: I hope you can keep your feet on the ground while having high aspirations, and I hope you can work hard for the ideal of the enterprise. Laoka is an enterprise with ideals and precipitation. It has infinite space and hopes to create millions of possibilities with you





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