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The first standard for lacquered floor products was issued, and ten toxic building materials were banned.

the first standard for lacquered floor products was issued, and ten toxic building materials were banned.

September 1, 2008

[China paint information] the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine issued an announcement on the official website, announcing that 10 toxic building materials would be banned from sale according to the provisions of the national standard "limits of 10 harmful substances in interior decoration materials"

the 10 building materials that strictly control the content of harmful substances include: wood-based panels and their products, interior wall coatings, solvent based wood coatings, adhesives, carpets and adhesives for carpets, wallpaper, wood furniture, PVC coiled flooring, concrete additives, and radionuclides in building materials. The national standard has made strict provisions on the contents of formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOC), benzene, toluene, xylene and toluene in all indoor decoration materials, and the contents of isocyanate, lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and other toxic pollutants between enterprises and enterprises. In the future, all building materials that do not have sufficient formaldehyde and benzene content can not appear in the market

the first national standard for lacquered flooring was issued through cooperation with Sigri. The State Forestry Administration issued the formulation plan of the national standard for lacquered laminated wood flooring (hereinafter referred to as the standard), which is the first standard for relevant lacquered flooring products in the flooring industry

the standard is currently drafted and formulated by Jiangsu Kendia Wood Industry Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu osheng Wood Industry Co., Ltd. At present, it has passed the preliminary review of the State Forestry Administration and was officially promulgated and implemented in May

the laminated wood floor with paint finish is referred to as paint floor for short. As the product integrates the advantages of laminate floor and solid wood floor, it enhances the real visual feeling of wood grain, has better foot feel, low noise, and has many characteristics, such as beauty, high wear resistance, high brightness, strong paint adhesion, etc. And the market price is far lower than the solid wood floor, so the product has been gradually favored by the market since it was introduced. Experts pointed out that: the production technology of the painted floor is basically the same as that of the laminate floor, but the paint formula is very particular, which requires some special technologies and formulas. However, at present, the product quality is mixed. After the standard is issued, the purpose of the purification industry can be achieved

there will be a standard contract for indoor environment treatment

a Shanghai indoor environment purification service contract (2007 model text) jointly formulated by Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce and Shanghai indoor environment purification Association will be officially launched. Enterprises that do not comply with relevant regulations will be eliminated

after more than a year of deliberation, the text of the model service contract has been revised after listening to the opinions of all parties. The relevant person in charge of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce believes that in recent years, consumers' market demand for indoor environmental purification and treatment is growing. At the same time, non-standard services occur frequently. Shanghai Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of indoor environmental purification can meet the current market demand for ultra-thin membranes; At the same time, the industry association's common linear sensors usually have one or more reference benchmarks. The 2007 model contract will lead the standardization and institutionalization of services in the indoor environment purification industry

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