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How about the quality of the thunder the one computer host in Jingdong Mall

with the installation of popular big brand DIY, many brands have launched their own high-end DIY game consoles, even more professional than ashes players to create a game platform with balanced performance. Thunder the one is a very popular game console in recent years. It is equipped with an unlocked Core i7 processor, an x99 motherboard, and a mainstream solid-state disk to improve the response speed of the system. At present, the pre-sale price of JD mall is 8888 yuan. The actual price of the product and the latest promotion information are subject to the actual situation of the e-commerce station

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Lei 7. The manufacturing tolerance of the mold thunderbolt the one


thunderbolt the one has a classic shape and powerful performance. It adopts Intel Core six core processing, IK, no frequency locking design, has the computing power of six cores and twelve threads, and has a 3.3GHz default frequency; Matched with the processor is ASUS x99-a motherboard, which has eight DDR4 memory sockets, eight phase power supply, m.2 interface and overclocking design; Installed on the motherboard at the same time; In terms of graphics card, Yingchi GTX applied for foam granulator 980 Hall of fame to adapt to the new era, with 4GB independent display and 1304mhz main frequency; At the same time, thunderbolt the one adopts Engel h440 chassis, with classic white aesthetic shape and middle tower shape, which can support double 360mm water-cooled cooling modules. Finally, it is also equipped with Kingston 240gb solid state drive, Delta nx550 copper power supply and Cairong b81 V2 radiator. It is worth mentioning that the thunder the one is not equipped with memory and needs to be purchased by players themselves

comments: on the whole, the thunder the one is very suitable for high-end players. The performance of the whole machine is quite balanced. The i7 without frequency locking has strong overclocking potential. The support for DDR4 memory can make the whole machine more efficient in operation. The introduction of cement constant stress pressure testing machine is fast. The high-frequency DDR4 memory means faster access to and reading in data, while the solid-state disk ensures the smoothness of the system. The graphics card makes the mainstream games run without worry, Readers interested in high-end game consoles can consider it

[reference price]: thunder the one 8888 yuan

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