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China's aging is becoming more and more obvious. How should smart lock enterprises get a share

China's aging is becoming more and more obvious. How should smart lock enterprises get a share

Zhonghua news: in recent years, with the growth of China's aging population, pension real estate, pension medical care, pension daily necessities, pension finance Pension education and other pension industries have also been promoted by people "The wave of the storm has made China's aging problem more and more prominent, and ushered in rapid development.

the purpose of developing the elderly care industry is to enable the elderly to live a happy, carefree and high-quality life in their later years. How will the intelligent lock that can bring safety and convenience to the elderly grasp the hearts of the elderly? How can the intelligent lock enterprises share in the multi trillion market of the elderly care industry?

China's elderly care industry More and more obvious, how can intelligent lock enterprises get a share? (picture source network)

how serious is the pension problem in China

according to statistics, the population aged 60 and above reached 222million in 2015, accounting for 16.15% of the total population. It is estimated that by 2020, the elderly population will reach 248million, and the aging level will reach 17.17%, of which the elderly population over 80 years old will reach 30.67 million; By 2025, the population over 60 years old will reach 300million, becoming a super elderly country

with the increase of the population over 65 years old, it also means that the peak of population aging in China is coming and the labor force creating value is decreasing. Therefore, the seriousness and necessity of the pension problem will surface

trend chart of China's population aged 65 and over from 2005 to 2015

at a time when the aging problem is becoming increasingly serious, many enterprises are also testing the elderly care industry. At present, many industry leaders or listed companies, such as Tongrentang, Vanke, poly, rongchuang, Yuyue medical, Harbin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., have already laid out the pension industry in advance

at the same time, senior executives of many enterprises involved in the elderly said that the reason why they are optimistic about the elderly care industry is that the elderly care industry is in its infancy in China and has great potential in the future. According to the prediction of the national office for the elderly, the industrial scale will exceed 10trillion by 2030

how much can intelligent lock enterprises share in such a large market? How large is the smart lock Market in the elderly care sector in the future

how big is the aging smart lock Market

according to statistics, China's population over 60 will reach 300million by 2025. If these 300 million people live with their children, they can always be taken care of by their children. This is the outcome we most want to see. But what about the elderly who have no children or do not want to live with their children

therefore, aging will be the most serious problem China will face in the next 20 years. In response to this serious problem, the middle-aged and old age has conducted a survey (the report was reported in the front page of the newspaper on April 3 this year). The survey shows that more than 80% of the elderly do not want to live under the same roof with their children and want to have a personal living space. The elderly do not want to live with their children, or because of different living habits, or because they do not want to bother their children to disturb their lives

therefore, in the future, more than 80% of the elderly will be far away from or without children

therefore, there will be 150million elderly families in the future if 300million elderly people live in a family of two. If 80% of 150million households popularize smart locks, it will bring 120million pieces of smart locks to the market. Based on 1000 yuan for each smart lock, it may have a market capacity of 120billion yuan

the above calculation may not be accurate, but the serious aging is indeed an indisputable fact. Of course, in the future, some elderly people may choose to live in elderly communities, nursing homes and other elderly care institutions. After subtracting part of the rural market, the aging smart lock market will not be less than tens of billions

what kind of smart lock do they need

how should intelligent lock enterprises respond to such a large market demand? First, understand what kind of smart lock products they need; Secondly, we should consider how to eliminate the misunderstanding of the elderly on smart locks; Thirdly, how to make smart locks realize interconnection like smart locks in apartments in aging communities

the old man, after all, is old. What he needs is a simple and convenient smart lock. He doesn't have much requirements for appearance. Of course, safety is an indispensable factor. It's best to realize remote opening. When the old man can't unlock, his children can control the smart lock through their mobile phones to open the door for him

when most old people go to apply for endowment insurance or go to the police station, they often encounter the situation that their fingerprints cannot be identified and entered. Therefore, they worry that the same problem also exists in the smart lock, so they do not dare to use the smart lock with confidence. This requires enterprises to shoulder certain social responsibilities and make more efforts in quality. When using fingerprint heads, it is best to use those with high resolution and excellent quality

in addition, networking is also an indispensable function of the special smart lock for the elderly. If the elderly live alone, it is necessary to realize the connection and interaction between the smart lock and their children's mobile phones, so that their children can know when the elderly will go out and go home; If the elderly live in nursing homes and nursing communities, they must realize the interconnection of smart locks with their children and the management center of nursing institutions, so that their children can always understand the situation of the elderly in nursing institutions

the future pension market is so large that intelligent lock enterprises should not only pay attention to the needs of young users, but also the needs of old users




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