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The chaos of soaring demand for air purifiers under heavy haze still needs to be reshuffled.

the chaos of soaring demand for air purifiers under heavy haze still needs to be reshuffled.

at this time of year, haze must become a continuous hot topic. Although the national air pollution control has achieved remarkable results, residents' awareness of haze prevention has been continuously enhanced, and the demand for air purifiers has only increased. The ensuing chaos in the air purification industry occurs frequently, and a new round of reshuffle is urgently needed

the node of explosive growth of air purifiers in China coincides with the outbreak of haze on a large scale, that is, 2013. In that year, haze broke out nationwide, and air purification products experienced a blowout growth, with sales and amount increasing by 130.6% and 162.7%. Under the heavy haze, the air purifier has achieved unprecedented development

since 2013, the popularity of air purifiers has not decreased at all, becoming one of the fastest-growing segments in the field of household appliances, and the number of enterprises entering the market continues. Traditional home appliance manufacturers and Internet enterprises all want to get a piece of it

according to the forecast and analysis report on the market demand of China's air purifier industry provided by the prospective industry research institute, in 2013, the number of brands in the national air purifier market was 151, and by 2015, the number of brands of air purification products had reached 689

changes in the number of air purifier brands in China from 2012 to 2015 (unit: PCS)

data source: the prospective industry research institute sorted out the enterprises that rushed up, resulting in numerous brands and chaos. Such as substandard product quality, poor purification effect, high replacement cost of filter screen, chaotic pricing system, etc., are all problems exposed after the barbaric growth of the air purifier industry

take pricing as an example. The prices of products with similar purification effects may vary several times, ranging from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. According to the analysis of the above report, the pricing basis of the empty net product is limited, and the pricing is still based on hustle, concept or false publicity

in response to the chaos in the air purification market, in September 2015, the Chinese government promulgated the gb/t18801-2015 national standard for air purifiers, which was implemented on March 1, 2016

the promulgation of the new national standard has curbed the industrial chaos to a certain extent, but many products still do not meet the standards, and the quality of some products is worrying. The problems are difficult to be effectively solved. The main reasons are insufficient enterprise integrity, inadequate market supervision of the air purification industry, problems in the testing methods and conditions of third-party testing institutions, and insufficient consumer awareness of air purification products

therefore, our government is still strengthening supervision. For example, on january1,2017, China's environmental labeling standard for the first air purifier was officially implemented, which has higher requirements on enterprise environmental protection, and extends the product standard to the upstream link of the industrial chain. In addition, there are grading standards to be realized. The implementation of these regulatory policies is conducive to accelerating the industry reshuffle and eliminating non-conforming and unqualified products

air pollution control will not be effective overnight. Air purifier products will continue to be sought after by the market for a long time. The government and enterprises should make joint efforts to promote the transition of the air purification industry from irrational prosperity to healthy and sustainable development




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