Dental high temperature resistance of PEK rod

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Peek's high temperature resistance improves the performance of dental occlusal bar

Victrex peek's high temperature resistance with the amount of polymerized titanium alloy up to 9.3% improves the performance of the new dental occlusal bar

when designing a new "high temperature resistant" occlusal bar, dentronix company under coltene/whaledent, Switzerland, needs a material that can withstand the high temperature conditions of dry heat sterilizer. The company finally chose victrexpeek high-performance polymer, which can be used in a variety of high-end medical applications, because the material has excellent comprehensive properties

occlusal bar is a orthodontic tool used to fix braces on teeth. The orthodontist puts the braces on the patient's teeth and then places the occlusal rod. When the patient bites down, the metal insert can help the braces slide into the correct position. Since the occlusal bar uses mechanical method to fix the dental hoop on the teeth, its impact strength is very important. Victrex peek polymer meets the requirements of occlusal pressure

the most important requirement of the new design is that the bite bar must be able to withstand multiple high-temperature sterilization cycles of the dry heat sterilizer. The dry heat sterilizer can raise the temperature in the sterilization chamber to 190 ℃ (375 ℉). In the sterilization room, the temperature can be as high as 216 ℃ (420 ℉). Victrexpeek polymer enables the bite bar to withstand at least 50 cycles of heating in a dry heat sterilizer without any degradation in performance, shape or color. In addition to being able to withstand the high temperature of the dry heat sterilizer, the occlusal rod should also withstand high-pressure sterilization and solution sterilization (such as glutaraldehyde, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc.). When designing the new dentronix bite bar, the company tested that polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and other materials can also help produce better and cheaper sports prostheses. The results showed that Victrex PE has unstable friction force, and EK polymer has the best comprehensive performance suitable for this application

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