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In the past year, in addition to improving the nozzle of the machine itself, several major printer manufacturers have also made significant improvements to their own ink

we all know that if we use poor quality ink when printing, it is difficult for the inkjet printer to print high-definition pictures, so ink is very important. The formula of ink has always been the exclusive formula of various printer manufacturers. Even if many miscellaneous manufacturers have launched alternative ink, due to the difference of formula, the printing effect of alternative ink and original ink is very different, which is prone to unclear handwriting, rough feet on the edge and unclear edge. Although these have a certain relationship with paper, ink is always the most important factor

the ink of the new era should meet more requirements, such as durability, high temperature resistance, quick drying, waterproof, outdoor printing, and light resistance... Health is also a concern this year. Professional manufacturers such as HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark have made commitments to the health and safety of their products and some environmental protection measures

what is the ink used in Canon products

canon is an old manufacturer of inkjet printers. Its fine (full photolithography inkjet nozzle Engineering) technology can make the ink drop reach the smallest particle of 1 microliter. It is said that the human eye can no longer distinguish ink dots of this size, that is to say, what you see will be a picture without particle feeling. Not only that, in addition to the true restoration of the color of the picture, Canon's ink is said to be very durable and can last up to 100 years

full photolithography inkjet nozzle engineering

Canon's high-end products this year still focus on fine technology. The print head using fine technology is densely arranged with tiny nozzles, reaching a maximum resolution of 9600dpi x 2400dpi, which can eject at least 1 picoling of ink droplets, so as to ensure that the output pictures can meet the large-size needs and delicate requirements of users. The ink cartridge of fine is different from that of fine in the past. In this way, the ink cartridge of fine can be replaced separately, which can save the cost. The two self detection methods combined with optical detection and ink drop calculation can enable users to avoid the waste of ink. The smartled indicator on the ink cartridge will only light up after correct installation, which is very practical for novice users; In case of installation error and out of ink, the smartled will flash continuously

ink cartridge with smartled

in the mainstream market, ink and printer head are combined together, called fine cartridge, which can eject 2 microliters of ink dots and reach the maximum resolution of 4800dpi x 1200dpi. These improvements have greatly improved Canon's mainstream products in terms of printing speed and printing quality compared with previous products. When the ink runs out, replace the fine cartridge with a new one to ensure consistent printing quality. Without complex operation and maintenance, even users who use the printer for the first time can complete the replacement and printing work independently. Fine cartridge is small in size, which drives the external design development of the printer - lean design

fine cartridge

the combination of fine print nozzle, newly formulated ink and original print paper is Canon's ChromaLife 100 concept, in which 100 means to preserve for 100 years. That's really passed down from generation to generation. The new formula of color ink includes cli-8 BK/cli-8y/cli-8m/cli-8c/CL-41/cl51. The ink cartridge adopts a new generation of dye ink. The special formula greatly improves the light resistance and ozone resistance of the ink, which is no longer easy to fade and prolong the storage time. Canon ChromaLife 100 can keep the pictures in the album for 100 years, 30 years in the photo frame, and 10 years after exposure to the atmosphere (mixed gases such as ozone (O3), chlorine oxide (NOx) and sulfur oxide (SOx)). With the matching of the original paper, the new ink can make the pictures produced by the manual hydraulic pressure testing machine 1 remain sharp in the high temperature and humid environment

among the mainstream products, Canon adds a large capacity black ink cartridge (pg-40/pg50/pgi-5bk) to the outer box of Panamax stability maintenance, and uses a new generation of segment ink to make the text darker and sharper, improve the water resistance, and produce better protection on the picture, which is not easy to dry, fade and low cost

among the high-end products, Canon adopts chromaplus-8 color independent ink system, and adds two colors of orange and green on the basis of the original 6-color ink cartridge to effectively speed up the inkjet speed. With closely arranged nozzles, it takes only 65 seconds to print an A3 image

in terms of cartridge capacity, Canon's black and color cartridges are distinguished from high-capacity cartridges. The standard capacity is aimed at users with low printing density, focusing on preventing blockage and protecting nozzles. The main purpose of high-capacity ink cartridge is to reduce the printing cost. It is suitable for enterprises or office users whose printing density is more in line with the relevant laws of greenhouse gas emissions

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